February's Malicious Moron: Carrie Prejean!

Do we get any more sanctimonious? She gets a boob job, prances around half-naked, and enters a beauty contest.

All things a Christian that's real would never do.

Moreover, she takes it upon herself to be a rabid anti-gay spokesperson for no reason. Conservatives are so brainless these days, apparently, that they put her in a calendar of "notable conservative women." HOLY SHIT! So someone is respectable for hating gay people?

Guess what? What the biatch doesn't realize is she was ALREADY LOSING in the pageant! Yes, regardless of whether Perez gave her low ratings after she unintelligently went about saying she was opposed ot gay marriage, she would not have won.

Now, as we all recall, because she wasn't doing her job - much too busy spreading hate for gay people - she lost her crown, and is now in a mess of sex tapes and law suits.

Good riddance, hypocrite.