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Welcome to Atheists Concerned for America!

This website is dedicated to evaluating current social issues in America from a fresh and free perspective. The truth of the matter is that religious exploitation, corruption and conspiracy has greatly divided our nation in a most critical time when unity is so very pivotal. Our country has always been comprised predominantly by Christian citizens undoubtedly, and this sole fact has been the premise for violation upon the first amendment largely and detrimentally. It is an inconvenient but absolute truth that the United States is NOT a Christian country by any means necesarry, and yet Christian America [primarily speaking] has maintained their steer over America's social progression, or lack thereof unfortunately. Though other areas of substance are also covered, this central variable is very essential to many of the social issues discussed.

According to the 2009 CNN Poll and others recently on America's religious demographics, Christians make up roughly seventy five percent of the population, down from eighty six percent in 1990; this number is continuously propelling downward at a larger rate. I, Jordan "BluntJoey" A., am the webmaster and can say in accurate good faith that a massively adverse curve is very present in the youthful generation, however. I am a nineteen-year-old college student and practicing, devout Christians seem to be almost a rarity, and this is not just symbolic of the age group either, because people's firm assurance in the Bible is DRASTICALLY lower than in Christian adults. In my English 2 Lit Class during the spring four out of twenty or so students were "Strong" Atheists [belief that there is absolutely no deity whatsoever] alone! Thus, it is not only unprecedented but immoral for Christian America to try to take away the liberties of people - such as gays, for instance - based on religious values.

This site functions on a zero bias policy. These columns are written strictly from a rational and informed viewpoint and will remain so indefinitely. Information provided - especially of the more provocative and controversial kind - is explicitly cited. It is only asked that the viewpoints held are respected and acknowledged as factually relevant.

Thank You and Enjoy.


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