Malicious Moron Monthly: November


I'm so sorry about the delay, I forgot, and I actually had so many to pick from! This month belongs to Liz Cheney for her needless attacks on President Obama. Only this past month, first she insults him for taking ONE DAY off to go to Copenhagen when the last administration spent less time working than most average Americans!

She call themselves Christians and yet they advocate the repetitious torture of human beings (would you like to be hung upside down for two days?)!

Now, she says President Obama should have to give HIS Peace Prize to the military. What the fuck? THEY didn't win it, and besides it is aPEACE Prize? It's his to own and to state that he should have to give up what he had been honored for - just to upset Americans - is retarded. Here is the quote that really proves how moronic she is! Liz Cheney on Fox News today:

"I think the president himself understands he didn't earn this prize and therefore the notion that this white house has said he would go to Oslo to accept the prize would add to the farce," said Cheney.

She offered the following proposal: "I think what he ought to do, frankly, is send the mother of a fallen American soldier to accept the prize on behalf of the U.S. military. Frankly, to send the message to remind the Nobel committee that each one of them sleeps soundly at night because the U.S. armed forces, because the U.S. military is the greatest peacekeeping force in the world today."