Ten Examples of how Sexism is HIGHLY Penetrative in 2010


“Ten Examples of how Sexism is HIGHLY Penetrative in 2010”

“Ten Examples of how Sexism is HIGHLY Penetrative in 2010”

By Jordan “BluntJoey” Adorno


There rests a general perception amongst the mind of Americans that the battles for women rights have been long-won, and that the genders live equally in modern-day. Accurately, however, underlying in the public and political eye alike are an assortment of sexist barriers remaining. Proof is concrete, too, yet these disparities often unknowingly strike usually, but not always, against women’s advancements. Most remarkably, and serving as our starting point henceforth, unequal pay has most documentarily perpetuated into modern-day, making it the leading problem in this ten-bullet encryption of some sexist, societal stigmas:

1. Unequal Pay - An Elaboration. Specifically speaking, though more women that men receive college degrees (and have been for DECADES now), the average female employee degradingly earns an average of 0.77 cents to every dollar that a Caucasian man earns. This mean calculation, notably, doesn't illustrate the differentiation between the minority women who often earn much less than that even, and the Caucasian women whom are likelier to earn over 0.80 cents to his dollar irrespectively. How can we claim America is an equal-opportunity society when citizens have an UNEQUAL chance economically?