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My HUGE Confession (June 2012) - MUST READ!!!

My HUGE Follow-up to my Confession: my B'NAI MITZVAH EXPERIENCE (April 2013)!!

Why I'm an Atheist

Why Christianity May NOT be for You

The 'God' Idea (By Manhattan)

Are you an Atheist?

Moses and Paul

Adam and Eve

God is not Pro-Life

The Meaningless Suffering of Humanity

What Would Jesus REALLY Do?

The Virgin Mary & Baby Jesus: VICTIMS of God's Apathy - NEW!

Jesus was a Socialist (By Charlotte Schnook) - NEW!

The Fallacy of Creationism

A Respective Christian's Alternative Take on Creationism (By C. Jason)

Evolution: Objective Truths

Is the Bible fit for Worship? (By Charlotte Schnook)

The Ploy of Born-Again Christianity

Top Ten Exploited Christian Lies (Co-Authored by Charlotte Schnook) - NEWLY UPDATED!

Christians are Hypocrites (By Charlotte Schnook)

Why America Had Slavery

What is Feminism? - NEW!

(Underestimated) Female Intelligence - NEWLY-UPDATED!

Second-Wave Feminism

The Male and Female Brain: Misconceptions and Truths of Equality

Housewifery is Servitude - NEW!


Gay Marriage

Gay Marriage is NOW LEGAL 06/26/2016My Immediate Thoughts

Gay Adoption - NEW!

Male Rape Victims

Statutory Rape

Bipolar Disorder

Why Smoking & Drinking during Pregnancy should be Outlawed - NEW!

Top Reasons Why Casey Anthony WAS Guilty

Why Deaf People with the chance to hear MUST take it - NEW!

The Council of Nicaea Conspiracy in 325 A.D.

Stalin's Strong Roots to Christianity (Including a VIDEO DOCUMENTARY!)

Hitler's Devoutness to Christianity (Co-Authored by Charlotte Schnook)

The Paganism of Easter (By Charlotte Schnook)

Hanukkah: the true history and why presents are okay

Modern-day Problems with Fundamentalists of the Abrahamic Faiths - NEW!

Death Penalty

Illegal Immigration - NEW!

Global Warming

Why I'll be voting to reelect our president November 5th 2012

Terror and Karma - the short tale of a Murder Mystery

Extreme Emotional Disturbance a short tale of two rape survivors - NEW!

Be a Man: a short tale of perseverance - NEW!

"And He Slayed Her"

"For Once in Your Life" & "A Breathtaking Sunset"

"Mother's Little Helper" A Tribute Short Story in Honor of Mother's Day!

"A Short Tale: One '50s Housewife's Shocking Epiphany"

A (Feminist-Driven) Short Tale: "What Makes You Happy" - NEW!

"Shell Out of Water" (by Rhiannon Ardel Pierson) NEW!

Malicious Moron Monthly

My Favorite Inspiring Quotes NEW!

My Personal Facebook Page

My Fan Fiction Archive NEW!

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Recent Updates

NOVEMBER Update: Hey, everyone!! I just wrote this short little story with a bit of feminist undertone-value to it; "What Makes You Happy", and it's about a girl deciding whether or not to let a guy take full control over her sanity. Check it out Here. Enjoy!

JUNE Update: GAY MARRIAGE HAS BEEN RULED THE LAW OF THE LAW OF THE LAND AS OF TODAY!!! Click here to read my blogging immediate thoughts in response to the Supreme Court finding :D!

APRIL Update: Hey, everybody!! It seems like I've fallen from the face of the earth, no? Well, in actuality, in a lesser scale this is somewhat true, as I relocated to live in Israel for a few months and have been very busy since. However, I've recently arrived back to the states, and as a first update is a new three-part short story entitled, "Extreme Emotional Disturbance", which involves the topic of rape from two totally different victims. Check it out here.

And!! HERE as a thoughtful fun bonus, now you can also check out a third suspenseful short story, "Be a Man", which remarkably in its heated woven tale is a symbolic ode (if of unorthodox sort, anyhow) to Feminism :)!

December Update: In the spirit of the season, here is my little essay on why Hanukkah Presents are GOOD, not bad. Also, did major clean-up to the Global Warming, Death Penalty, and Adam and Eve pages. Enjoy.

Revamped the home page and MAJORLY renovated the "Ten Lies Christians Tell" page. Also, check out my new essay on why it should be illegal to smoke or drink when pregnant here yes, my conservative's side coming out again :P.

Side-Note: I have now decided to allow my Atheists Concerned for America visitors the opportunity to delve through my Fan Fiction Archive if they so wish. Mostly it is comprised of the collection of Harry Potter fan fics that I've written since the year 2005 (when I originally started writing fan fiction - at just age 15, notably), sporting "BluntJoey" as my pseudonym. Enjoy!

"We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus, and nonbelievers." - Barack Obama; Presidential Inaugural Address, January 2009

"Until the spirit of love for our fellow men, regardless of race, color or creed, shall fill the worlduntil the great mass of the people shall be filled with the sense of responsibility for each other's welfare, social justice can never be attained[...]Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it. The test of a democracy is the care given to the welfare of all people." - Helen Keller

     PREFACE: This website is dedicated to evaluating current social issues in America from a fresh, free-thinking perspective, and it is updated regularly. The truth of the matter is that religious exploitation, rampant corruption, and politic-based conspiracy have greatly divided our nation in a time when unity is so pivotal. From start, our country has always been comprised predominantly by Christians. Problem? One huge, falsely-guided social result: a Christian superiority complexthe 'power-thirst' insatiable allowing this #1 religious demographic's "self-entitled" influence and indeed greatest-affecting  control in society, which has historically been responsible for detrimental constitutional violation upon detrimental constitutional violation (namely on the Fourteenth & First Amendments). It may be inconvenient to some, but the truth remains that the United States is NOT a Christian country by any means, yet pious leaders have nevertheless overruled our nation's fundamental Church/State Separation in order to implant their religious beliefs into government. This fact is absolute to many of the issues discussed here.

     Now, to introduce some REMARKABLE fact surrounding up-to-date US religion demographics: First, as of 2015, according to the supreme respectable study as ever annually conducted by National Pew Research Centerthe accepted most-reliable source of poll research in the United Statesa record-low 70% of Americans now identify as Christian ("Christians Decline Sharply as Unaffiliated[,] Other Faiths Continue to Grow"). Most noteworthy is how fast and sharp the declining presence of Christianity in America has been striking since the late 1980s! In unbelievable fact, according to a CNN Poll on America's religious demographics, back in 2009, even. Christians made up roughly 75 % of America, down from 86% in 1990 ("America becoming less Christian, survey finds"); corroborative also, a similar poll taken by the Washington Post in 2007 illumines, "[Though] only 6 percent of people over 60 have no faith in God, one in four adults ages 18 to 22 describe themselves as having no  faith" ("In America, Nonbelievers Find Strength in Numbers"); but perhaps most compelling of all, a recent NPR study reveals, "...[O]ne-fifth of American adults have no religious affiliation, a trend for years on the rise" ("Losing Our Religion: The Growth Of The 'Nones').

      Thus, it is not only unprecedented but increasingly unrealistic (not to mention both unethical AND immoral, ironically) for Christian America to try to compromise the liberties of non-Christian believers and secularists based exclusively on their religion's agenda. For that emergent reason I decided to create this website; the need to spread and constantly reinforce a message of religious freedom and acceptance is one that here in America will always be imperative. Therefore, belief in social justice and civil liberties, NOT disingenuous desire to create controversy for the sake of controversy, hence remains the only inspiration behind this site. Additionally, it is extremely vital to note this site functions on a zero-bias policy. These columns are written strictly from a rational, informed, refreshing viewpoint and will remain so indefinitely. Information provided (especially involving the more "provocative" and controversial kind of included matters) is always thoroughly cited. It is only asked that the given viewpoints are respected and acknowledged for their fact-based relevance.

With all that said, thank you so much for visiting, and HAPPY READING!!!



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